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The Opportunity

The Opportunity

The Olivia Mitchell LA City Youth Council has established it's first citywide cohort. The council seats 30 empowered youth from across the City who will serve a one-year term. During their term, members learn about the inner working of local government, drive special community projects and civic events, and make policy and budget recommendations to elected and civic leaders of the City to improve the well-being, safety and achievement of young Angelenos.

The City’s Youth Development Department (YDD) and Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (EmpowerLA) oversee the LA City Youth Council, which honors the legacy of a public servant and living icon, Olivia Mitchell, whose passion for mentoring young Angelenos and love for our City has inspired countless government and community leaders over several decades.

Special Acknowledgement
The new LA City Youth Council is the result of a special partnership between the City's elected representatives, young leaders, and community allies and advocates. Championed by elected leaders like Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, the youth council was a key recommendation of the City's Executive Task Force on Youth Development and a successful advocacy effort of the Invest in Youth Coalition—a group of youth leaders, community members, and over 70 local youth-serving organizations whose enduring advocacy helped create the first-ever Youth Development Department of the City of Los Angeles.

The mission of the LA City Youth Council is to speak truth to power, identify bold solutions, and turn ideas into action to transform our communities in positive, lasting ways.

The Impact

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Help create a citywide Youth Development Strategic Plan that will help shape the programs and investments the City offers its youth for years to come.

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Promote equity, honor differences in culture and value lived experience as much as quantitative data.

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Foster an environment where youth feel ownership and accountability over policy framework and initiatives.

The Benefits

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Help set the foundation to uplift the voices and needs of our city's young people.

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Develop skills to give you an edge in your career and life beyond the youth council.

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Receive financial compensation for your active participation as member of the youth council.

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